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Welcome to CRYPTO EPAY

Our company provides access to professional cryptocurrency trading for each of you, regardless of experience in this field and regardless of how much money is in your possession. The combination of unique strategies with the use of trading robots allows us to get a stable result and pay high dividends to our customers. The Quantum AI app is an automated trading bot that uses quantum computing to generate a large sum of money. This bot is quite dependable and can be found across three continents: Asia, North America, and Europe. Check out the Quantum AI trading app review to learn more about the app and to sign up for an account to start trading. You can start earning with CRYPTO EPAY right now - just register on our website, choose the best investment solution and invest the amount available to you. After that, your funds will begin to work on cryptocurrency exchanges, and you will start getting profit that is completely passive!

Hourly payouts
We will pay profit on the deposit every hour, and you can freely withdraw it to your wallet.

Legally registered company
CRYPTO EPAY has official registration documents and operates legally.

Secure payouts
All of our withdrawals are instant, and your withdrawal will be sent to the Wallet address you provided during registration.
Professional team
Our team has professional traders, programmers, financial advisors and analysts.
Reliable website protection
The company's investment source is provided with modern protection against hacker attacks and data encryption.
24/7 customer support
A 24-hour support service will help to solve any issue that has arisen and will provide you with a competent reply.

Our investment project was developed taking into account modern security standards, so that our investors can be completely sure that they will not only receive high returns, but also trust their funds in reliable hands. We tried to make our website as customer-friendly as possible, we hope that you will like it.

Investment plans

The specialists of CRYPTO EPAY have developed six investment rates that will be available even to customers with small deposits and will allow them to receive daily payouts. The presented plans are designed for different investment conditions and are suitable for investors with various investment strategies. For example, visit to learn how Bitcoin Rush can be your profit earning trading platform. We advise you to carefully read each of them and choose the best option for yourself.

Deposit term: For 48 hours
Min deposit: 1$
Max deposit: 10000$
Total profit: 110.4%-192%
Withdrawals: Instantly Payment
Deposit term: For 34 hours
Min deposit: 5$
Max deposit: 10000$
Total profit: 104.72%-170%
Withdrawals: Instantly Payment
Deposit term: For 24 hours
Min deposit: 250$
Max deposit: 10000$
Total profit: 144%-192%
Withdrawals: Instantly Payment

We draw your attention to the fact that each of the presented tariffs has its own conditions for the return of the deposit - the body of the deposit can be included in regular payouts, or be returned at the end of the investment period.

Project statistics
Works days: 7
Total users: 463
Total accepted: $ 7449.93
Total withdrawals: $ 3179.92
How it works

It’s very easy to work with the CRYPTO EPAY project, because in order to become an investor you do not need to visit the company’s office and enter into an official contract. If you want to make a profit, you need to follow three simple steps:

Registration on the website
Register on our website and you will get access to the investor’s personal account through which you can carry out investment actions.
Making a deposit
Use the most convenient way for you to deposit funds to replenish the balance and put in the amount you need that will work as a deposit.
Payouts and reinvestment
Make profit daily with your balance in the project and use it at your discretion - withdraw to your wallet or reinvest.
Affiliate program

Not only investors, but also project partners can earn with CRYPTO EPAY. This opportunity is available to each of you - you just need to register on the official website, after which you will be assigned a unique affiliate link for the invitation. Of all the deposits attracted from it, you will be paid a profit at three levels of the affiliate structure.

For investors
4% - 0.5% - 0.5%
From partner deposit
Attract referrals via your affiliate link and receive passive income, regardless of whether you have an active deposit in the project or not.
10% - 3% - 2%
From partner deposit
Become a representative of CRYPTO EPAY and receive increased rewards from deposits that you attracted via your affiliate link.
10% - 3% - 2%
From partner deposit
Become a representative of CRYPTO EPAY and receive increased rewards from deposits that you attracted via your affiliate link.
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What we accept

For the comfort of our customers, we have connected a large number of payment systems that you can use in the course of your investment activities. Both fiat funds and cryptocurrencies are available for investment, and in the future the list of payment methods might be expanded.